Fine Line Full Circle Episode 1: The Menstrual Cycle and The Cycles of Life with Adriana…Listen now (97 min) | This episode explores the essence of the entire vision behind Fine Line Full Circle through the microcosm of the menstrual cycle.
Fine Line/Full Circle is a Harvest baby. Born into the world in the harvest time of the moon cycle and in the harvest time of my monthly cycle. It…
Fine Line Full Circle with Adriana Forte and Nick Jankel Episode 2: The Cycles and the MasculineListen now (84 min) | What does it feel like to integrate the feminine as a man?
Words have the power to elicit experience.
I dedicate this article to all my friends, (the ones I know and the ones I am yet to meet) that think Game B is “too heady” and therefore…
When I feel into the texture of the issues of our current times, the thread I see, despite all the differences, is the lack of out-breath.

Fine Line Full Circle